No one beats us when it comes to bending tubes.

Our tradition of craftsmanship has continued into the age of automation. We invest in new technology, a high degree of automation and knowledgeable personnel – and it produces results. No assignment has been impossible to date, so please feel free to challenge us!

We bend tubes and profiles in steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium. Production is adapted to our customers’ needs and we therefore only offer customer-specific products, either via a complete requirement specification or we are happy to assist in the development process. Naturally our experience lays the foundation for the end product to be as energy and material-efficient as possible.


With welding, quality control is everything.

We use WPS in our production, which means that any problems are prevented and a welding manager quality assures the welding process. The high level of automation also contributes to consistently high quality. For example, regular sealing measurements and pressure/vacuum searches for leaks are carried out in connection with production.

Production is divided into five robot welding cells and several manual welding workplaces. The choice of welding method depends on the object metal. MIG/MAG and TIG welding are predominant. We have two soldering stations for joining copper.

Our production is characterised by consistent high quality and productivity. Our tool designers are included in product development and ensure, for example, that fixtures pave the way for high precision throughout the process.


Endforming, or re-forming a tubing dimension.

Endforming can take place both before and after the bending and welding process. The end of the tubing is expanded or compressed to ensure it connects to other tubing parts in, for example, an engine or a cooling system. Brackets or consoles are often created to maintain the correct distance between the tubing components.

We work closely with our suppliers and can therefore offer tubing materials with the best properties for the optimum end product. During the endforming process, it is vital to consider the material’s modulus of elasticity, and how the metal behaves when exposed to mechanical tension and expansion. Consideration must also be paid to the thickness and diameter of the material, along with how the product has already been processed. Endforming can be a very complex process.


Customised production is the guiding principle of all stages of our production process, but particularly when it comes to assembly.

Here we can do virtually anything to make life easier for our customers, such as assembly of rubber packing, flanges, protective stoppers and nuts, all based on the customer’s needs.


Prototype production

Thanks to our experienced technical designers, we can offer production of prototypes and zero series. This applies both to tubing and profiles in various materials. The foundation produced is 3D CAD material, adapted for continued streamlined production.

Tool production

To ensure consistently high-quality bending, endforming and welding production, we use tools and fixtures produced in-house. The most recent acquisitions in the workshop for tool production are two HAAS CNC machines, which enable our toolmakers to produce advanced tools and fixtures quickly and precisely. Our technical designers make CAD/CAM preparations, and make adaptations for the series that will be produced. The company is also responsible for correction and servicing of the tools.


High-tech integrated IT systems entail close contacts with our customers and suppliers in transparent ordering, notification and invoicing systems using EDI. The benefits include minimal administration costs, reduced lead times and a secure ordering process.

Customers are placing increasing demands on just-in-time deliveries, something we can take care of. We can also store certain products. All production takes place in Sweden, which means short delivery times thanks to Ekenässjön’s location at the centre of Europe, and lower transport costs for orders of all sizes.


Many customers require total solutions. We maintain control through all production stages and can guarantee a high-quality end product. We therefore offer services such as punching, cutting and cut processing.

Our machinery also includes the latest in robot-operated CNC machines.

Furthermore, there is equipment for washing of aluminium in particular, in order to guarantee a high quality of weld, but also to fulfil the cleanness requirements placed on our products. A process for ageing aluminium is also available, since some treatment of the metal requires the process to be carried out after some time.

Our quality control during and after production is comprehensive, for example there is a modern measuring room and a clean laboratory where we can check that the tubes are free of contaminants, make comparisons with reference objects and ensure the product meets the specification.